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How Exploring Your Dark Side is an Integral Part of Drug Recovery

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Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” close with these lyrics: “And everything under the sun is in tune/But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” In other words, where there is lightness there is always darkness, and in some moments the dark can overshadow the light.

The same pertains to people—each person has both a good and a bad side, positive and negative energy, but to achieve a healthy life one must work to see that the positive eclipses the negative. In working against this negative energy, we become healthier people, and in the case of addiction, we can ensure that a successful drug recovery stay sustains a sober life.

But in order to generate positive energy and emotions we must explore the negative ones—or, the dark side that each person possesses. Below are some ways to explore your dark side, and to help pinpoint what leads you away from positive energy and a healthy life.

List negative emotions

Make a numbered list of the negative emotions you feel on a daily basis. Common negative feelings might include self-doubt, frustration, anxiety, or loneliness. Are there negative emotions that you felt during drug addiction treatment? If a feeling keeps you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then include it on your list.

Record what triggers these emotions

Below each negative emotion, write what action or thought process triggered this emotion. For example, the self-doubt you often feel might be a result of you regularly comparing yourself to others. There may be more than one answer for each emotion. Try to recognise all the actions that lead to each negative feeling.

Acknowledge the dark side

It can be extremely difficult to control emotions such as self-doubt or frustration. Exploring your dark side isn’t about trying to control it, but understanding how it functions, and making the causes of your negative emotions transparent. Now that you know what triggers these negative emotions, you can try to avoid them—while also accepting them, and understanding that in order for positive energy to exist, negative energy must also exist.

Beginning drug addiction treatment asks you to acknowledge the dark side of yourself, and the addiction that has led you to ask for help from others. By becoming more familiar with the negative feelings that surround your addiction, you can better understand how to avoid situations that cause you to feel them.

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