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Why The Cabin Chiang Mai?

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Our signature treatment program is an intensive highly-progressive program tailored and designed to maximize your recovery chances.

Program completion rates of 96% and the best recovery rates known in Asia indicate this is clearly working.

But should you exit the program before completion, we will offer you a pro-rata refund on the unused portion. We believe this is a unique offering in the world of rehabilitation.

The Cabin’s holistic approach emphasizes fitness therapy, capitalizing on our beautiful natural environment and 5-star countryside resort setting. Our serene environment is also most conducive to the complementary mindfulness training, helping develop your new mindset of self-confidence.

Our program is a progressive combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), tailored to your particular situation, plus 12 Steps techniques. Our secular approach, though, means that there is a non-religious flavor to it, and all cultures and all faiths are happily catered for.

We have British and Canadian counselors on staff, bringing with them top-flight international qualifications, accreditation, and world-best practice, supplemented by eminently qualified local Thai staff who offer specialized skills plus caring and compassion that Thais are renowned for. All excursions are accompanied by Western support staff, too. So at all times, you are assured of top quality medical supervision.

The Cabin has created an alliance with the best international hospital in Northern Thailand, approved by the British Medical Council among others, ensuring access to the highest standards of professional medical support.

The Cabin is also recognized and accepted as a rehabilitation treatment provider by leading international health insurance companies such as Cigna, BUPA and Van Breda, among others.

Yet, amazingly, we can still offer our programs at around 1/3 the cost of similar Western-style facilities worldwide, without any compromises on treatment, attention, accommodation, or excursions. So, even including your airfares, it will work out far better value to come to The Cabin for your recovery.

But the main reason to come to The Cabin is because you want to recover, don’t you? 96% of people like you have completed our full treatment program, and, as far as we know, more of our clients recover and free themselves from their addictions permanently than many of the other best rehab facilities worldwide.

Our comprehensive after-care program also means we continue to support you, and monitor your progress, after you leave The Cabin.


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