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Australian Footballer Gavin Crosisca’s Battle with Addiction

Gavin Crosisca

COLLINGWOOD 1990 premiership star Gavin Crosisca

In September, a former Australian Football League icon-turned coach, Gavin Crosisca, admitted on national television his addiction to cannabis, amphetamines, and alcohol and revealed how he’d get high on marijuana practically every night of his 25-year sports career  before eventually being put in treatment by his wife.

According to Alastair Mordey Programme Director at The Cabin Rehab Centre, “The debate about the pros and cons of marijuana use is long standing. Some people can maintain use at socially acceptable levels, however those with the underlying disease of addiction, such as Gavin, will become addicted. Gavin talks about being restless, irritable and dissociated when younger and struggling to obtain enjoyment from normal activities, these are all the symptoms of the underlying disease.”

Here is Gavin’s interview on Australia’s Sunday Night Show

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