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Singapore & Asia Pacific Leading Globe in Smartphone Addiction


Medical specialists in Singapore are pushing to have smartphone addiction classified as a mental disorder, in light of the high numbers of Singaporeans experiencing negative effects from too much smartphone use.

87% of Singapore’s 5.4 million population own smartphones. In the United States, where professionals are also concerned about the dangers of smartphone addiction, only 65% of the population own smartphones – not reaching even the top 5 of the Asia Pacific countries. As well, Singaporeans spend an average of 38 minutes per session on Facebook – almost twice the amount of time that Americans spend per session.

But what does this mean? It means that people in China, Singapore, and Korea are experiencing physical and psychological ailments due to overuse of their phones. It means that one boy from Korea reverted to leaving home and living on the streets – in search of a WiFi connection when his father turned off their own internet connection. To date, China has approximately 300 centres to treat smartphone and internet addiction across the country. It could become a global epidemic if this issue does not receive adequate attention.

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