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After Her Daughter’s Death, One Grieving Mother Wants to see a Change in Addiction Treatment and Education


Described by her mother as vibrant, witty and loving, Laura Mulley was not your ‘typical’ addict. Laura held down a respectable job at the University of California and enjoyed many hobbies in her spare time including writing, photography, and playing music.

Just one week before Laura’s death which was caused by a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol, Laura’s mother, Linda, spent the weekend with her and noticed no visible signs of drug use or addiction. On the outside, Laura was living a good life, and according to her mother, Laura was excited about the direction that her life her was taking.

It was not until after Laura’s death that Linda learned to what degree Laura was using drugs and alcohol. Laura fell into a pattern of using and quitting, using and quitting, (repeat) which can be just as harmful to one’s health as using on a daily or constant basis. But at the same time, the alcohol or drug addiction is less obvious to those on the outside – especially if they were to come across Laura during a period of not using.

Unfortunately, this is quite common and the symptoms of drug abuse and alcoholism are not what most people think. Addicts who can maintain their day-to-day life while addicted are most commonly referred to as high-functioning addicts.

For Linda, she found out too late that her daughter was struggling with addiction, which is why she is now reaching out to tell her story in hopes that what she has learned from her daughter’s death is not in vain. She hopes that her story can help other parents, friends, children and siblings of high-functioning addicts understand the disease of addiction a little bit better and hopefully save some lives in the process.

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