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Study Finds University Students’ Social Media Behaviour is linked to Alcoholism

New research shows there may be a link between university students’ social media habits and their tendency toward alcoholism.


The study found that having an ‘alcohol identity’ in social media is the biggest predictor of students’ addictive behaviour.  Says Ohio University assistant professor of communication studies Charee Thompson, “The strongest predictor of both drinking alcohol and posting about it on (social media) was espousing an alcohol identity, meaning that the individuals considered drinking a part of who they are.”

Not only are alcohol-related social media habits indicators of addictive tendencies; they are associated with alcohol-related consequences.  Adds Thompson, “Those two behaviours were associated with alcohol problems, such as missing school or work, or getting into fights because of drinking.”


Could these harbingers prove useful in identifying alcoholic behaviour?  Given that 40 per cent of university students regularly binge drink, leading to problems such as alcohol-related death and rampant sexual assault on campus, it is certainly worth further exploration.

Read the full article – Social Media Can Help Us Spot College Students With Potential For Drinking Problems – here.

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