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Flakka Behind Wave of ‘Zombie Drug’ Overdoses in Gold Coast

Sixteen people were hospitalized – two of whom were in induced comas – in a wave of ‘zombie drug’-induced overdoses in Queensland’s Gold Coast.


The drug responsible is now believed to be flakka, a designer drug also known as a type of ‘bath salt’.  This synthetic drug is intended to simulate the effects of cocaine, but is in fact up to 10 times stronger, and hallucinogenic.  The drug is sold legally for as little as AUD$5 per hit, with many users who buy it off of others at parties or clubs believing they are taking ‘molly’, or MDMA.


Those who witnessed the wave of chaos in Gold Coast describe the overdose victims as having “lost their minds.”  Flakka is a powerful drug that can cause users to severely hallucinate, act extremely aggressively and have seizures.  The same drug was behind the unsettling case of the Florida ‘face-biting’ teen who murdered a couple in August this year.  He was hospitalised and unconscious for 11 days following the incident.

For the full story – “Hallucinations, seizures, aggression: ‘Flakka’ hits the Gold Coast” – click here.

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