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Gambling Addiction is Cause for Concern throughout Asia

Results from a 2012-2013 study in Thailand sponsored by Sodsri-Saridwongsa Foundation was released this month stating that approximately 500,000 university students took part in gambling – mostly football betting or playing cards – despite gambling being an illegal activity in the country. Among the gambling students was one case of a female student who was using money from her Student Loan Fund (SLF) to fuel her gambling addiction until she had no money left to pay her tuition and had to drop out of school. According to involved officials, there is reason to believe that she is not the only student using the SLF funds for gambling. According to Surachai Chupaka, a professor at Ramkhamhaeng University, many of the gambling students confessed that while they enjoyed gambling and it was often considered a fun activity, it also caused immense stress. In these cases, where gambling turns from a fun activity to a stressful one, it is likely that the person gambling has developed a gambling addiction. What is Gambling Addiction? In 2013, the fifth edition …

After Her Daughter’s Death, One Grieving Mother Wants to see a Change in Addiction Treatment and Education

Described by her mother as vibrant, witty and loving, Laura Mulley was not your ‘typical’ addict. Laura held down a respectable job at the University of California and enjoyed many hobbies in her spare time including writing, photography, and playing music. Just one week before Laura’s death which was caused by a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol, Laura’s mother, Linda, spent the weekend with her and noticed no visible signs of drug use or addiction. On the outside, Laura was living a good life, and according to her mother, Laura was excited about the direction that her life her was taking. It was not until after Laura’s death that Linda learned to what degree Laura was using drugs and alcohol. Laura fell into a pattern of using and quitting, using and quitting, (repeat) which can be just as harmful to one’s health as using on a daily or constant basis. But at the same time, the alcohol or drug addiction is less obvious to those on the outside – especially if they were to …


Your Spot to Compare Thai Rehabs

Thailand has long been known as a popular spot for medical tourism. From dentistry to plastic surgery, Thailand offers world-class medical care at just a fraction of the cost in western countries. And addiction treatment centres, or rehabs, are no different. The right Thai rehab facility can offer luxurious accommodation and world-class treatment programmes, but it is important to remember that now all drug rehabs Thailand has to offer are created equal. It is important to ask questions and get a full understanding of each available rehab centre before choosing the one that is best for you. Check out the ‘Compare Thai Rehabs’ website to compare rehab licensing, treatment programmes, facilities, medical support and more:


‘Digital Detox’ Centres Open in Japan for 500,000 Teens Addicted to the Internet

Internet addiction is a type of process addiction that is becoming increasingly common among youth. With internet access always available, regular internet use goes too far when users begin losing sleep, dropping grades at school, or even getting demoted or fired in the workplace because internet use has become more important than other aspects of life. In Japan, internet addiction is soaring with an estimated 500,000 teenagers presumably addicted to the net. From playing games, to interacting in online chat rooms or simply scrolling through Facebook, these activities can create negative effects when taken too far. Teens are dropping out of school, and in worst case scenarios internet addiction can result in violence and even death. Will this ‘digital detox’ centre be able to combat the growing problem? Find out more here: Japan Tries Online Detox