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Myanmar’s Deadly Addiction to Betel Nuts

Teeth are stained a dark red colour, and cancer is on the rise in Myanmar. The culprit? The chewing of betel parcels – a leaf wrapped around a mass of betel nut. Know in the area as kun ja, these little parcels are a popular stimulant for Myanmar’s population. Especially, it would seem, for those who work in industries which require long work days. Users claim that it increases energy, alertness and even delivers fresher breath. However, the negative sides are quite high. For more information on this deadly addiction, read the full article on CNN here:


‘Digital Detox’ Centres Open in Japan for 500,000 Teens Addicted to the Internet

Internet addiction is a type of process addiction that is becoming increasingly common among youth. With internet access always available, regular internet use goes too far when users begin losing sleep, dropping grades at school, or even getting demoted or fired in the workplace because internet use has become more important than other aspects of life. In Japan, internet addiction is soaring with an estimated 500,000 teenagers presumably addicted to the net. From playing games, to interacting in online chat rooms or simply scrolling through Facebook, these activities can create negative effects when taken too far. Teens are dropping out of school, and in worst case scenarios internet addiction can result in violence and even death. Will this ‘digital detox’ centre be able to combat the growing problem? Find out more here: Japan Tries Online Detox

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UN: Little Progress Against Asia’s Booming Synthetic Drugs Trade

Synthetic drugs are once again in the spotlight in East and Southeast Asia. The UN has shared their growing concern over the production and distribution of synthetic drugs from the area. Recently, there have been several deaths around the world caused by young people taking ecstasy, or ‘Molly’, which they believed was pure MDMA – but instead, these pills are more and more frequently being made with synthetic chemicals. And, the majority of these often deadly chemicals are coming from Asia. Read on to find out how the UN will attempt to tackle this crisis:

UK’s Drug War May be Better Fought as a Health Issue says Richard Branson

Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson who sits on the Global Commission on Drug Policy believes that the UK would be more successful in its campaign against drugs if it tackled the problem as a health issue rather than a criminal offense. We think this approach would be effective, if adopted,  on a discriminatory basis,  by the governments in Asia and the Middle East  as well as by the rest of the countries in this world that choose to blanketly criminalise the issue.

Australian Footballer Gavin Crosisca’s Battle with Addiction

In September, a former Australian Football League icon-turned coach, Gavin Crosisca, admitted on national television his addiction to cannabis, amphetamines, and alcohol and revealed how he’d get high on marijuana practically every night of his 25-year sports career  before eventually being put in treatment by his wife. According to Alastair Mordey Programme Director at The Cabin Rehab Centre, “The debate about the pros and cons of marijuana use is long standing. Some people can maintain use at socially acceptable levels, however those with the underlying disease of addiction, such as Gavin, will become addicted. Gavin talks about being restless, irritable and dissociated when younger and struggling to obtain enjoyment from normal activities, these are all the symptoms of the underlying disease.” Here is Gavin’s interview on Australia’s Sunday Night Show

Addictive Personality and Alcohol / Drugs: Fact or Fiction

There has been a growing interest whether or not there is such a thing as an addictive personality. Although this question is hard to give a precise answer, there are many ways to examine it. Doctors and researchers alike are working hard to provide an explanation on why people use, abuse, and become addicted to drugs and alcohol. They have come up with reasons such as, genetics, experiencing a traumatic event, and certain psychological traits that attribute to an individual’s personality. Some experts have suggested that because some addicts share similar personality traits, there may be such a thing as an addictive personality. What is an Addictive Personality? An addictive personality is various personality traits that are thought to make an individual person predisposed to an addiction. People who have an addictive personality are not only at risk for developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol, but they are also highly at risk for becoming addicted to food, shopping, exercise, gambling, sex, etc. It is possible for the person to switch from one addiction to …

Substance Abuse Rehab from Around the World: Thailand and Bangladesh in the News

The UN’s World Drug Report 2012 documented the ever-increasing drug abuse throughout Asia, with particular emphasis on the large market in South Asia. Media coverage has reinforced the area’s long-standing problem, with particular attention on war-torn regions and youth populations. Today, I came across two such stories and the substance abuse rehab that has arisen in response – one governmental, one private. The New York Times recently reported on the conflict-ridden southern provinces of Thailand, and its battle with kratom, a drug cocktail engineered from the leaves of a local tree. A video runs alongside the article, and in it you can see government-funded substance abuse rehab centres, the scene alarmingly militaristic as young people stand in rigid lines and shout promises to lead drug-free lives. Local police burn piles upon piles of contraband, as civilians look on. The most startling information? Ninety-four percent of a surveyed 1,000 youths in the provinces reported abusing the drug regularly. Though the story is less recent than Thailand’s (it aired in 2009), a short documentary entitled Letters From …