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Scary Effects of Yaba, ‘Crazy Drug’ are Spreading

Last year, a Bangladeshi girl named Oishee (a Yaba addict) killed her parents – which in turn – has shed some light on the growing drug problem in Bangladesh. Yaba is the slang word for methamphetamine, or meth. In Thai, the word translates literally into ‘crazy drug’ which seems like a particularly good name – as Oishee’s case is not alone. Fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered in 1997 by a meth-addict, and Timothy McVeigh, who was involved in the Oklahoma bombing, claims to have been under the influence of meth during the incident. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to violent acts committed under the influence of Yaba, the list is long. Here, more effects of the ‘crazy drug’ Yaba, and how the rise in the drug’s use is affecting Bangladesh. Read full article here: The inevitable downside felt by Yaba addicts

How Exploring Your Dark Side is an Integral Part of Drug Recovery

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” close with these lyrics: “And everything under the sun is in tune/But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” In other words, where there is lightness there is always darkness, and in some moments the dark can overshadow the light. The same pertains to people—each person has both a good and a bad side, positive and negative energy, but to achieve a healthy life one must work to see that the positive eclipses the negative. In working against this negative energy, we become healthier people, and in the case of addiction, we can ensure that a successful drug recovery stay sustains a sober life. But in order to generate positive energy and emotions we must explore the negative ones—or, the dark side that each person possesses. Below are some ways to explore your dark side, and to help pinpoint what leads you away from positive energy and a healthy life. List negative emotions Make a numbered list of the negative emotions you feel on a daily basis. Common …