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Finally accepting that you need an alcohol rehab programme can be a hard decision. Admitting to yourself and your loved ones that you need help is often a terrifying time, but essential if you are to start taking steps to become sober.

Maybe you’ve been drinking at dangerous levels for a number of years? Or maybe have only just recognised that your drinking patterns are unhealthy?

It doesn’t really matter! Deciding that you need help, then choosing the right alcohol rehab programme is a vital first step to help you achieve long-term alcohol recovery.

Things to consider before you choose an alcohol rehab programme

  • Local rehab or complete change of scenery

 Depending on your circumstances you need to decide whether an alcohol rehab programme in your local area is the right choice for you. Many people find there is great benefit in removing themselves from their normal environment when they start their alcohol recovery treatment. Research options both close to home and abroad, before deciding on what type of treatment programme is best for you.

  • Specialist alcohol rehab programme, or general programme

Some rehab programmes specialise in treating one specific addiction, whilst others treat many addictions using the same method. You need to assess whether alcohol is your only problem?  If you use other drugs and are ready to stop, choose a programme that provides support for multiple addictions.

  • How long is the programme

 An alcohol rehab programme can be as short as two weeks, whilst many centres provide different phases of care lasting up to several months. Take an honest look at your situation and choose an alcohol rehab programme that can support you for the right length of time. Think about what on-going support needs you will have when you leave the rehab programme and what lifestyle changes you will need to make when you return home.

  • Is it a unisex treatment centre

 There are many benefits to starting your alcohol recovery in a mixed environment, but starting new romantic relationships is not encouraged when a person enters an alcohol rehab programme. Centres can have segregated wings and treat male and female patients separately, but often facilities treat patients together, establishing clear boundaries around relationships.  Think about what type of setup would work best for you – after all, you will be there for a while.

  • Is there an aftercare programme

A vital part of any alcohol rehab programme is to prepare patients for when they leave the facility. You will need support and on-going treatment when you leave rehab, so it’s always a good idea to find out if a treatment centre has an aftercare team. Depending on where your rehab programme is located, you will need to consider how you will access on-goinghelp when you leave.

Successful alcohol recovery is a process that takes time and support, and completing your rehab programme is the first step. Don’t be afraid to call the centres you have in mind and ask questions as they will be happy to assist you.

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