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Avoiding Alcohol Rehab: Reasons Why We Enable



Living with an alcohol addict is a trying and exhausting experience. At times, saying “no” and helping him or her to alcohol rehab seems far more complicated than saying “yes” and turning a blind eye to substance misuse.

Appeasing an addict – giving he or she money when it’s needed, allowing a loved one to socialize with other known alcohol abusers – may seem like acts of support and help, when in reality they constitute enabling and entangle both parties deeper into a canyon of addiction.

Below are common reasons why enabling is so easy and at times feels like the right thing to do. But in order for a suffering loved one to find alcohol recovery, all the thought processes that lead to enabling must be overcome.

Afraid of retaliation

Many close friends or family members are afraid that after saying “no” to an alcohol abuser, he or she will retaliate violently either with physical or mental abuse.

A fear of retaliation though is really just a fear of the depth of a loved one’s addiction; if someone resorts to physical abuse because of being denied alcohol, then it is clear that he or she needs to seek alcohol rehab immediately.

Desire to be liked

The desire to be liked begins at a young age and never really ceases. When fearing that an addict will never speak to you again after demanding that he or she go to alcohol recovery, you are failing to understand the misdirection of your loved one’s emotions. He or she isn’t angry with you, but with himself. The addiction is the part that he hates.

Too lazy to change

Life provides its own avalanche of pressures be they related to work, finances or family. Having a friend who is suffering from alcohol addiction can take its toll, and at times it might seem like too much work to plan for a loved one to enter alcohol rehab.

Keep in mind though that once your loved one enters alcohol recovery the work that will be asked of he or she will far outweigh the burdens of a life not controlled by addiction.

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