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Higher Rates of Alcohol Dependence Linked to Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes have been linked to higher rates of alcohol dependence

Blue eyes have been linked to higher rates of alcohol dependenceA recent study suggests that people with blue eyes have a higher chance of becoming alcohol dependent than those with dark coloured eyes. The related research reveals that a genetic overlap could be the reason behind this.

This link came about because researchers studied the eye colour of over 1,000 alcohol dependent European Americans and found that those with light coloured eyes were more vulnerable to alcoholism than those with dark brown eyes, with blue eyes having the highest rate overall.

This study is the first of its kind to discover a potential link between alcoholism and eye colour, so further evidence is needed before it can be taken more seriously. While it cannot be said that blue eyes are related to alcohol dependence just yet, the University of Vermont in the United States is conducting further research on the matter.

If researchers are able to confirm the correlation between eye colour and alcohol dependence, then the next step will be figuring out if this link is influenced by environmental factors or only genetics, or a combination of both.

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