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Indonesia Praises Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs has killed 2,400 without due process – and now Indonesia says it wants to follow suit.


Indonesia Anti-narcotics Chief Budi Waseso and other law enforcement officials are expressing their desire for Indonesia to head in the same direction as the war on drugs being waged in the Philippines by President Rodrigo Duterte.  Says Waseso, drug dealers’ lives are “meaningless.”

The Philippines’ brutal drug policy has so far seen 2,400 Filipinos killed without trial, as Duterte has publicly called for suspected drug criminals to be shot on the spot, spurring a wave of vigilante violence.  President Duterte, known for his history of connection with vigilante gangs, has been condemned by the international community and the United Nations for his recent actions.

Said Duterte, “I don’t care about human rights… my mouth has no due process.”


Duterte is scheduled to visit Indonesian president Joko Widodo in Jakarta this week to discuss drug policy.

Indonesia, which already has notoriously harsh drug laws on its books, just executed four drug convicts in July despite protests, and plans to execute 10 more soon.  President Waseso says Indonesia will boost law enforcement staffing, weapons and technology dedicated to fighting drug trafficking.

Though such hard-lined measures often prove popular with the masses, the reality is that they are shown to be counterproductive, and addiction treatment is by far the most effective solution for combatting drug-related issues.

Read the full article – ‘Indonesia drug chief calls for Philippine-style crackdown’ – here.



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