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6 Myths About Addiction that You Should be Aware Of

Misconceptions about addiction can serve as a barrier to treatment and much-needed understanding from loved ones.  Here, we debunk six addiction myths.


Addiction is a complex disorder that functions on multiple levels, encompassing many facets of an addict’s life.  It can be difficult for even sufferers themselves to fully understand addiction, let alone those close to them who may be affected by it.  However, this often prevents people from seeking treatment, as misinformation is circulated and stigmas are perpetuated.

The recovery process requires a great deal of support.  Myths about addiction can be destructive, creating a major divide between those struggling with an addiction and ‘sober’ people.


The following are six commonly held beliefs about addiction:

  1. You have to want treatment for it to work.
  2. Addicts have no problem with their lifestyle.
  3. Addiction is a choice.
  4. Punishment can cure addiction.
  5. You need to hit rock bottom before you can recover.
  6. Severe treatment is the most effective.

Why are these myths?  Read the full article – 6 Commonly Held Misconceptions About Addiction: What Addicts Want You to Know – here.

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