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US Bans Synthetic Opioid ‘Pink’ Following Wave of Overdoses

The US Drug Enforcement Agency has classified a new synthetic opioid called ‘pink’ as a schedule 1 substance – the category of substances that carries the most stringent criminal penalties and includes heroin and LSD. 


This comes in response to the 46 deaths as a result of the drug this November.  The substance, U-47700, is one of many manmade, illicit synthetic opioids manufactured in China and sold on the street in the US.


The wave of overdoses marks just one incident in a long-running opioid epidemic in the United States, and comes on the heels of the US Surgeon General’s report on the addiction crisis in America.  This is fuelled largely by the over-prescription of opioid painkillers, which users often become addicted to, leading them to seek out illicit opioids such as U-47700 once their prescription runs out.

Read the full report here: DEA Temporarily Bans Synthetic Opioid U-47700 (“Pink”), Linked to Nearly 50 Deaths.


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