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At Rehab Asia, our goal is to provide useful information on the current addiction situation in Asia as well as answers for all people engaged in the battle against addiction – including addiction sufferers, loved ones and the treatment community. This site aims to strengthen the region’s addiction community in the effort to overcome addiction and achieve and maintain lasting recovery.

Rehab Asia and its content is sponsored and managed by The Cabin Addiction Services Group.


The Cabin Addiction Services Group is a leading provider of premium addiction treatment with a collection of inpatient and outpatient centres around the world. The Cabin Group is recognised not only as Asia’s leading addiction treatment provider but also as being at the forefront of addiction treatment globally.

In addition to providing top quality addition care, The Cabin Addiction Services Group has gained an international reputation for making significant contributions to the understanding and treatment of the complex disease of addiction, with heavy involvement in addiction research and a strong presence at key conferences world-wide. The Cabin Group further empowers the addiction community by supporting several non-profit organisations in their efforts to combat addiction.