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When Does Gambling Become an Addiction?

Experts link gambling addiction to changes in the brain, alcohol addiction and genetic qualifiers—and easy access to temptations like slot machines. In Kenya gambling addiction among youth has reached the highest levels on the African continent, according to a report by the Daily Nation. While the government is cracking down on illegal gaming, slot machines continue to pop up in front of stores and even in rural communities.

More Links Found Between Aggression and Drinking

Some may cry when they have had too much to drink. Some may look to get into a fight. And some may become the life of the party. Anyone who has had something to drink knows that alcohol impacts how you feel and think. Now researchers are beginning to understand the specifics of how alcohol affects the mind and emotions, specifically how different types of alcohol will make a person feel.

Teen’s Death at Internet Addiction Rehab

What This Teen’s Death Tells Us About the State of Rehab in Asia

The tragic and brutal death of a Chinese teen at an internet addiction treatment ‘boot camp’ has rekindled a growing sense of outrage at how addiction is treated at some rehabs in Asia. As headlines like this continue to emerge, how can parents separate the good operators from the bad? A Chinese teenager has died after spending a mere 48 hours at an internet addiction treatment centre in China’s Anhui province. This is one of a string of shocking incidents related to ‘boot camp’ rehab centres and has ignited fury across the nation regarding what many consider to be unacceptably harsh practices at these centres.

Is Japan’s Love for Pachinko Fuelling Gambling Addiction?

Japan’s love of pachinko is no secret, but the role it plays in fuelling gambling addiction is often overlooked. As the country prepares to legalise casinos, many Japanese people are asking whether a permissive stance on gambling is really what the country needs. Pachinko machines have become a fixture of modern-day Japanese society. Similar to pinball, pachinko is a self-contained, arcade-style game that sees players firing little silver balls through a gauntlet of moving obstacles, flashing lights and digital displays. But unlike pinball, pachinko often rewards players in cash.